If you’re just starting out on your side hustle journey, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed about where to start. You may also – like me – not want to be all over social media to get paying clients. This webinar is going to eradicate all those worries by giving you an interactive step by step process to follow to finally get it off the ground.

If you’re an early-stage side hustling coach, consultant, VA, trainer, stylist, online interior designer, etc, this webinar is going to teach you how to:

  • Quickly create your Side Hustle Success Strategy so you can find an extra 5 hours a week to work on your business
  • Create an enticing Beta Offer, which makes people want to know more
  • Easily find at least 50 people to send your offer to.

You’ll walk away knowing how to create more time to work on your business, how to articuate the transformation you create for your clients which will make you more confident to talk about your offer and you’ll have a list of at least 50 people you can send that offer out to (ie promoting your business without touching social media).

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