Do you ever feel distracted? Disempowered? Unfulfilled? Or that your career does not align with how you want to live YOUR life?

This is a sign that it is time to check in with your core values. It is vital to re-evaluate if they fit with how you want to be living life since becoming a mum and in the transitions we experience in the years after.


Core values are our internal compass. They keep us grounded in what is meaningful to ourselves and family. From identifying three to four values, we can gain clarity to support decision-making and propel us forward in what we want to achieve.


To feel fulfilled it is vital to have our actions aligned to these core values. That internal connection is so much more powerful than any external connection. This connection is what will guide you to push through when things feel difficult.


“When things get hard values are our most consistent life raft”.


Before becoming a mum our values may have been different when pursuing our careers. Then life changes once you become a mum. That is why we need to re-evaluate our values and see if they have changed or if any are the same. By doing this, we can the see if our career still aligns to how we want to live and if there are any areas that we need to change as they now compete with our values.


Signs that our career may not align to our values:


  • Burnout
  • Physical and mental exhaustion
  • Illness
  • Justifying to others and yourself what you are doing
  • Feeling we cannot say no
  • Feeling we cannot speak up if struggling


On any given day, we can become distracted and feel obliged to do things and that may pull us away and compete with our core values. It is important to boundary time for things that align with our values and this in turn will then benefit your career. It will also have the knock on effect of improving our wellbeing and that of our family if we are filling our own cups. As we can then give from the overflow.


So things you can ask yourself to see if life is currently fitting with your values:


  • Does my company’s values align with mine?
  • Who do I want to be as a mother and does life feel attuned to this?
  • Am I thriving or surviving?
  • How do I want to show up and feel each day? Is this possible with how things are at the moment?


In my coaching work, values are a key area that most ladies explore to become realigned and help them to cast their vision forward. Why not take 15 minutes to start to evaluate your current values with this ‘Living life aligned to our values’ worksheet I have created.




Download Worksheet

Values are vital they are like a lighthouse that give us signals for direction, meaning and purpose. They help us to align our daily actions so that we can feel fulfilled. So if you do not feel this then it is vital to re-connect and create that change.


Sometimes it is hard to even know where to start and how to then put the changes into action, but that is where the transformation starts. I’m here and happy to chat. Here is a link to my diary:


This article was written by Charlotte Ranchhod, life coach and cognitive behavioural therapist (accredited with IAPC&M and BABCP). Charlotte is passionate about helping women to get unstuck from overwhelm to build confidence and compassion so they can live aligned to their values and thrive.