Happy New Year, Careering into Motherhood Community! 

My aim with this blog post is to not only inspire you but also transform your approach to goals in the year ahead. Read through to the end for an irresistible offer that you won’t want to miss.

Grab a cuppa and let’s get started…

Are you prepared to make 2024 the most extraordinary year of your life? 

Picture that one significant change you’ve been trying to make – isn’t it time to bring it to life?
Are you tired of waiting? Tired of trying? Tired of de-prioritising it?

I’ve heard from many of my clients about the struggle to prioritise personal ambitions while being fully present for their children. This balancing act is at the heart of my ‘Do The Impossible’ program. It’s designed with the understanding that as mothers, our time and energy are precious, but so is our ambition.

Imagine yourself a year from now, when you’re not just dreaming about that promotion or a more fulfilling career but living it. Envision that sense of accomplishment and pride you’ll feel.

Throughout January, I am launching the ‘Do The Impossible’ program but I wanted to give this community a sneak peek and distil the program’s essence into Three Simple, Yet Powerful Steps.

Are you ready?

Here are the 3 simple steps in a nutshell: 

  1. Pick Your Impossible Goal
  2. Plan For 5 Worthy Fails Each Month
  3. Strategise To Fail Better

Sound good! Ok let’s dive a little deeper…

1. Pick Your Impossible Goal:

Traditional methods tell us to set realistic and achievable goals.


Because when you try to go after the impossible goals that you desire, your brain seizes up and tells you it’s a bad idea. Your brain will give you a list of reasons why it won’t work and you will fail.

But what if I told you that aiming for the ‘impossible’ is where true growth lies?

Often my clients will scale back their goals so that it’s realistic and comfortable. That approach leads to little progress.

If we don’t challenge ourselves and push ourselves out of our comfort zone. We stay small!

But here’s the twist! When you start by saying to yourself ‘this is an impossible goal’ then your brain loses its ability to scale back to your comfort zone. You are already telling your brain it’s impossible. You already know you will fail along the way. What now? Your brain has nothing to argue with!

I know what you are thinking… “Negar, If I’m going to have failures, why would I set an impossible goal?”

Every significant achievement in history came from someone who was willing to fail. The founder of Forbes said “Failure is success if we learn from it (Malcolm Forbes).”

This year, repeat this mantra: “I’m willing to fail repeatedly to go after my impossible goal.”

One of my clients, after spending 20 years in the same industry, dreamed of a complete career change. Despite having no prior experience in the new chosen field, she set this ‘impossible’ goal for herself. Through persistent learning and embracing rejection, she landed her dream job recently.

2. Plan For 5 Worthy Fails:

Worthy Fails aren’t the result of inaction; rather, they occur when your actions don’t yield the result you’re aiming for.

If your goal is earning an extra £20k in your job, then time spent applying for new jobs and being rejected is a worthy failure. But not bothering to apply for a new job because you don’t want to be rejected is not a worthy fail.

Embrace failure as part of your journey. Each month, aim for at least five instances where you might fail. Why? Because each failure is a lesson. By anticipating and accepting failure, you prepare yourself for the resilience and perseverance required to succeed.

Expecting to fail five times a month isn’t a sign of pessimism, but a strategic approach to learning and growth.

The fear of failure will no longer stop you going after your dreams.

3. Strategise to Fail better:

Pema Chödrön says we need to “Fail Better”. When we feel like we have failed, we tend to blame ourselves, feel disappointed, compare ourselves to others and so on.

You have a choice with each failure: view it as an opportunity for learning and growth, or fall into the trap of self-blame, which only slows your progress.

There is absolutely no upside to blaming and feeling like you are not enough.

Develop strategies to manage failure and disappointment so that you can turn it into constructive data.

Here’s a personal example of one of my failures… The initial months of starting my business were tough, with low sales and several failed marketing strategies. Yes, I was discouraged and disappointed and compared myself to everyone more successful than me! I sat down and analysed every failure by asking myself ‘What did I learn and how can I use it to do better next time?’ and maintained a folder on my desktop called ‘failures’ for every single month of the year.”

The aim isn’t to fail and eventually win; it’s to fail better – learning from each setback to move forward. It’s about shifting your perspective and mindset from ‘I’m not good enough’ to ‘how can I learn from this failure’.

You never know where your failures might lead you, but not attempting at all guarantees stagnation.

Nearly There…

This approach might sound daunting, but it’s about changing your perspective.

We fear failure so much that we don’t even try. But what if failing was part of the plan? What if, by failing, we’re actually progressing?

I know many of you lie awake at night, wondering if you’re giving enough to your career while at the same time worrying you’re missing out on precious moments with your children. This tug-of-war with guilt and ambition is one that I have experienced, and it’s the reason why I’m passionate about helping you find that fulfilment.

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