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‘Side Hustle without Social’ Group Coaching with Lauren Leopold

Price: £1,999 + VAT

Want to get your first paying clients without social media?

I’m working with a new group next month to create a ‘Beta offer’ with an introductory discount and market it simply through the people they know, i.e. without social media.

This programme isn’t for everyone, but we could be a good fit if 2-3 of these describe your situation:

  • You’re still in your 9-5 and want to get your first paying clients into your online service-based business in the next 4 months. But you don’t want to use social media, so you’re looking for an alternative approach
  • You know exactly what online business you want to run (eg. coaching, consulting, interior design, VAing, etc) and you’ve either re-trained or want to use your innate talents to do work you love.
  • You’ve either only worked with people for free so far, or you’ve had some people pay you, but they were ‘only’ friends of friends or family, so in your head they don’t count or feel like a fluke.
  • You want to work with people in real time. If you want to create passive income, selling a £29 course, this is not the programme for you.

If you’re nodding along to 2-3 of the above, I’d love to hear from you.

I’m a ‘let’s get on a call’ kind of business owner, so I invite you to book a quick 15 minute chat with me.


On this fast-paced call, you’ll get more clarity on the areas you need to focus on to get your first paying clients than you can shake a stick at. We’ll apply the framework I use with my clients so you can see exactly how it would work for your side business.

If I think can help you, we’ll book in a longer call to create a Side Business Roadmap for you. I find that’s the best way I can show you how I can help.

And if we’re not a good fit, you’ll leave knowing your next steps. What I can promise you is that this 15 minutes will be worth your time.


Please note, as a Mum and Business Owner, time is my most valuable asset. I only take on motivated and ambitious clients who want to start getting paying clients in the next 4 months without social media and are ready and dedicated to make sh!t happen, as that’s where I can provide the most value.

The minimum investment to work together is £1,999 + VAT and there are payment plans available.

Please book a discovery call to learn more about the programme and register.