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Maryan Hook

Maryan Hook

Empowering you to have the courage to navigate all life cycle transition points. Developing a balanced toolkit to achieve clarity, focus, wellbeing and success as an individual and family unit.

Location: Isle of Wight

Year Qualified: 2022

Areas of Expertise


Working with Maryan over the last six months has been wonderful and has had a real impact on my life. She's helped me see things differently at a time when it's really mattered; provided me with some really helpful tips to continue moving forward and been someone who's challenged me but always in a positive, supportive and encouraging way

I started my coaching journey with Maryan at a time when I was not in a good place emotionally. Maryan’s friendly and caring approach immediately put me at ease. Providing a lovely safe space, she helped me set achievable goals along the way and was pivotal in guiding me to healthier and much happier times. Today I feel like a totally different person! Thank you so much Maryan, I cannot recommend you highly enough to people.

My ten year old son worked with Maryan to address some challenges he was facing at school. By asking searching questions she was able to elicit responses which helped him discover new ways of responding to situations. He was able to explore ideas in a safe space; Maryan made the coaching so much fun and with great creativity that he really looked forward to each session. Looking back he credits feeling stronger and more able to face similar situations going forward to his coaching with Maryan. Maryan brings great communication, fun, professionalism and quality to her work, I would definitely recommend.

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • ICF ACSTH Professional Coach
    • ICF Certificate in Parental Transition Coaching
    • Mental Health First Aid Practitioner
    • Diploma in Mindfulness for Children

    Professional Background

    Lucky enough to have benefited from not just working in a single sector, or to the point, not even the same sort of roles, my portfolio career has been as broad as Global Sales Manager for a software company across EMEA to being lucky enough to teach children the joy of music. What has been consistent in all the work that I have done is the need to listen, understand and then nurture, guide and help people achieve their own or corporate goals. Interspersed with “real work”, I have been lucky enough to “work” whilst sailing boats in some beautiful places in and around the Mediterranean. This meant working with a wide variety of individuals and families to make sure that they could lock away everything at home and unwind in a friendly, relaxing and informal environment. Being able to apply all the skills that I have leant over three decades has led me to what I believe is now the job that I find the most rewarding. 

    Did I enjoy the hustle and bustle of selling specialist software systems to blue chip companies, for sure, just in the same way that seeing the smile on a child’s face when they manage to string together a few bars of music made all the effort worthwhile. 

    But what of my career now as a coach? By bringing together all the best parts, and maybe even understanding the worst parts, I feel that I can understand that whatever your goal, working together in partnership, I can give you the tools which I have collated to enable you to navigate yourself to whatever you strive to achieve.

    What drew you to coaching?

    Someone once said to me “you have the characteristics of a coach” and that was from a Master Coach with years of experience, so I had to listen!! This came at a time when I was re-evaluating my own career and whilst I was conscious of what coaching may be, having undertaken research realised that there was so much more than just the “life coach” term that is used all too often. To me the opportunity to coach was about giving people the space to open up in a safe, non-judgemental or confrontational environment and letting them not only self-critique but find answers themselves. So what drew me to coaching? A timely discussion with a coaching friend, the need to find a rewarding and enriching career where I could not only give back to people but give them the chance to unlock the blockages that are preventing them to be the best they can be, whether that be a school child building resilience to negative feelings or a parent who just does not know which way to turn next at home or at work. The feeling of setting someone on their new course with their sails trimmed ready for anything is exactly what makes me realise that I made absolutely the right career choice.

    Fee Structure

    Maternity Support five session programme (Pre-Natal to Return to Work) £475 

    1 to 1 Coach Support up to £100 per session 

    1 to 1 Coach Support six session programme £570 

    Youth Coaching £60 per session

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