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Louise Colbridge

Louise Colbridge

Empowering female leaders to transform their thinking and behaviour; feel confident and purposeful in life and work and improve your relationship with yourself and others.

Location: Norfolk, Suffolk

Year Qualified: 2017

Areas of Expertise


I've been working with Louise for the past two years. Throughout this time she has provided brilliant support and encouraged me to grow as a leader and an individual. Louise is a real champion of women, especially women in leadership. Anyone who is fortunate to work with Louise will be listened to and wholeheartedly supported and challenged in a caring environment.

Amy, Senior Leadership Team

My sessions with Louise proved to be a crucial part of my return to work. Every week, she was a calm, understanding and kind support. She made me realise how much more capable I am of balancing motherhood and work than I thought. She understood everything I felt and guided me in how to manage my concerns and emotions, as well as helping me identify what my values and motivators are. I will take these skills forward with me. I couldn't have come back to work nearly as positively without her and am so grateful for the encouragement that she provided.

Katie, Head of Department

Being coached by Louise was an invaluable use of my time and when you’re a first-time mum, this time is limited and precious. Every session left me feeling empowered yet grounded. I returned to work part time when my baby was 6 months old and full time when she was 10 months. Navigating this return was so much smoother than I expected because I had Louise to problem solve with. Louise actively listens, finding the balance between empathising and challenging your thoughts. She just gets it. With Louise you can discuss any subject and she will guide you towards finding your own solutions. Not only this, but she picks up on things you didn’t know were bubbling beneath the surface and opens your mind to the possibilities of your own power. I will never regret my decision to work with Louise and I strongly urge anyone who is thinking about it to say YES. Thank you, Louise. Just as your title says - we truly are limitless.

Liane, returning to work after maternity leave

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) from the International Coaching Federation
    • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) from Co-Active Coaching Institute
    • Certified NLP Practitioner from The Worldwide Institutes of NLP

    Professional Background

    I worked in marketing communications of a large international school in Singapore. I loved working strategically with heads of school advising on effectively communicating with parents and staff. After having my children, I realised that something was missing in my life. I loved working with people but felt like my work was not having the impact I desired. What was I doing for the world?! 

    Something was missing and I kept asking myself; Is this it? I had a wonderful life and felt like I wasn’t allowed to be asking for more but I knew there was a part of me that wasn’t feeling happy and fulfilled. 

    It was difficult to admit this to myself, let alone anyone else. But a close friend recommended a coach and it was like a lightbulb went off in my mind. Suddenly possibilities were endless, I gave myself permission to dream and I knew I deserved more than the surface level life I had in front of me. 

    I knew I wanted to work 1:1 with people and and started to explore what this might look like. I wanted to learn and grow and heal some of my own wounds and there started my journey into becoming a coach. 

    I trained with one of the most highly regarded coach training companies and it completely changed my life by transforming how I thought about myself and the world around me. Coaching put everything under the spotlight for me and helped illuminate what was working well but more importantly, what needed to change.

    What drew you to coaching?

    Throughout recent years I have received wonderful support from women who have helped me to be brave, believe in myself and trust that I will get through the sticky times. I believe women are capable of amazing things and make intuitive, caring and impactful leaders. But often we put others’ needs ahead of our own, we lack believe and confidence in ourselves and hold ourselves back from being the person and living the life we really long for. 

    My own life experiences – mid-career crisis, going back to work after children, giving up my career to start a business, separation and divorce, moving internationally with my children and setting up a new life as a single parent – have allowed me to dig deep, lean on women around me and build a passion and dedication to supporting other women. These experiences, along with my coaching expertise, and belief in all of the women I work with have helped me build a repertoire of tools that I share with my clients. 

    I love seeing women shine. I help them to be brave, trust themselves and demist the bathroom mirror to see the gifts and strength within them. I’m brave and I’m honest and encourage my clients to be the same so that they can look in the mirror and confidently answer the question “Who am I?”.

    Fee Structure

    I charge £995 for a 3 month programme. This includes 6 x 1:1 sessions with me and whatsapp / email support in between the sessions. 

    I believe that 3 months is the minimum time needed to explore who you are, identify what you want and start to make those changes to your mindset and behaviour. 

    During this time you will have my full support and accountability. This isn’t just 3 months of nice conversations – you will feel and see real change.

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