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Helen Johnson

Helen Johnson

Training coaches, leaders, changemakers, and entrepreneurs in ICF standard coaching (level 1 credential - ACC). We teach the art of coaching beyond mere techniques, leading to personal and professional transformation.

Location: Essex, London

Year Qualified: 2021

Areas of Expertise


I had a life changing experience with Coaching Beyond 's, Coach Training Diploma. Initially I signed up because I wanted to impact the lives of the children, young people and families I work with in my community and field of work, I had no knowledge that this was going to be an experience of self awareness and of a deeper awakening. Our instructor, Helen took us on a journey of self discovery in her easy approach style; yet knowledgeable and also challenging in developing the coach in us all. I am going to greatly miss the group I worked with as we journeyed through this life changing experience together. I know my career opportunities will broaden but the most importantly it has impacted my personal growth and development. Thank you, Helen!

I am so glad I chose this coaching qualification and with Helen. There are so many out there to choose from, but with Helen you’re getting integrity and a kick ass trainer. The ICF really is the gold standard, and the training from Helen demonstrated that right from the start. I’ve got so many new tools and skills from this course. I’m kind of sad the course is over as I’ve loved every second of it. If you are considering adding a legitimate coach qualification to your arsenal, look no further than this course.

I wanted to do the coaching course because as a manager I am dealing with people all the time - when I heard Helen talking about what you learn in the coach training I thought 'I need this in my life!'. The training has been excellent. On a personal level I have experienced transformations and this was unexpected for me, I didn't realise how much it would improve my own mental wellbeing and sense of purpose. At a professional level, I can see the changes happening in my workplace. It is having a positive impact on staff and on the culture and I am finding being in a leadership role even more rewarding. There has been a noticeable shift in staff morale and in progression within the organisation. It has enhanced my skills and given me new tools for problem solving and engaging with people, making things easier for me within my role.

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • PCC ICF Credentialised Coach
    • Accredited Level 1 ICF Coach Training Provider
    • Mentor Coach
    • Assessor (Training completed with the ICF to be an assessor)
    • EFT (Level 3) and NLP Certified Practitioner - Integrated Energy
    • Techniques Diploma

    Professional Background

    I have been coaching/an EFT practitioner for over ten years and training coaches for the past three. I have a diversity and breadth of prior experience to draw from, having been a barrister, charity director, CEO of my own business, and research and strategy consultant, including working in policy and law within the charity sector. My career has all focused on how to make change and how to support people through change, as well as how to get the best out of people and enhance performance. I have a PhD in social psychology and criminology on how to support people to make change in their lives using emotional intelligence.

    As a coach and EFT practitioner, my areas of expertise are navigating change, career or business development (purpose-led), performance, mindset, wellbeing, and neurodiversity. I focus on the client as a whole person, increasing positive thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, and maximising impact. 

    At heart I am a liberator – a freedom fighter! The ultimate goal in every aspect of my career has been to create more choice, possibility, and freedom for people to create their lives and work in the way that they want – and in a way that will really work for them.

    What drew you to coaching?

    I believe that coaching is a core and essential skill in almost any role but particularly for those whose job it is to help others to thrive. Another thing that drives me is to help people to have more impact in what they do – whether you are a leader, consultant, advisor, or coach, it is transformative for clients to feel seen and heard at a deep level in order to reach their potential, create lasting change, or to find more peace of mind and wellbeing in their lives. 

    One of my core values is depth and the other is personal freedom – I believe that good coaching goes deep and can handle complexity, while helping clients to have more ease in their lives. I teach how to help clients/yourself to reach goals – but in a way that is aligned to their core self and natural strengths. I don’t stick to just the core ideas and techniques, instead I draw from a blend of modalities, translating what I believe to be the most powerful insights from schools of thought such as neuroscience, positive psychology (without toxic positivity!) and other sources of wisdom. This is where my eclectic background comes in handy!

    My approach is to be challenging – but kind – fun to work with, energising, and to explore different aspects of how we approach problems so that you don’t just learn a ‘painting by numbers’ approach but instead the art of coaching.

    Fee Structure

    Coach training: £2,450
    One-to-one: £150 per hour.
    I offer discounts for people with facing challenges, so please enquire.

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