Career journey


I’ve always had a career in finance, but my journey at JLL began sixteen years ago. I joined in 2007, based out of the firm’s Chicago office, where I started as a Senior Accountant before I progressed eight years later to Finance Director within Work Dynamics. I grew up in Chicago and had lived there all my life and felt ready for a change when the opportunity arose eight years later to work in New York (a City I had always dreamed of living in) …of course I jumped at the chance! I transitioned into a head of finance role for the New York/Tri-State Market and lived in Tribeca for three years.

During this period, I met my husband, who is British. In 2018 we decided to relocate to London –there was no guarantee that JLL would have any open opportunities for me in the UK, however, they accommodated the move, and I became Head of Finance for EMEA Capital Markets. It was not long after when I fell pregnant with my first child, now three years old. I took a year’s maternity leave and returned to work, pregnant with my second…six months later I was going back on maternity leave.

Having a second baby in such quick succession after your first raises personal concerns with regards to job security – you find yourself questioning whether after this time off (which in my case was two years), will the business still need you and your role? However, I needn’t had worried….

Not long into my second maternity leave, it was brought to my attention that my now predecessor, would be progressing into a different role and whilst on maternity leave, I asked if I could interview for the role.  For me, having recently moved to London, I considered a UK focussed role important to my adaptation and how I could truly embed myself into my new life in Britain. I landed the role whilst I still had ten months left of my maternity leave. This not only made me feel like a valued employee by JLL but also grateful; to know that I not only had a career I loved to go back to, but also a new challenge – JLL even had to temporarily fill the role before I returned to work last November (2022).

Finding a balance


Raising two young children and working full-time isn’t easy especially when the role you’re returning to is new. I was sure I wanted to return to my career but at the same time, I didn’t want to sacrifice time away from my family so finding the balance to do both was very important to me. I set myself boundaries and limits to protect precious time. For example, I commit to finish my working day at 5.30pm to allow myself time to spend with my husband and two daughters. I balance out my week with days spent working from home and days in the office so that weekday mornings and evenings are not always lost to the commute.


I consider myself very fortunate to have had such a positive experience careering into motherhood where I have been supported every step of the way. I work for two women who are mothers themselves so it’s reassuring to know that they understand everything that comes along with motherhood/being a parent. However, that being said – it shouldn’t just be fellow working mothers that understand, it’s everyone’s responsibility, especially those at a senior level who have influence and can set an example to their teams and encourage accommodating behaviour.