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Help and support 16,000 women to develop their careers as you grow your coaching business


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Careering into Motherhood is a highly engaged online community of 16,000 mothers - who are united by their desire for a fulfilling career. We know that motherhood and career ambition can happily co-exist, but often getting to that point needs coaching.

That’s where you come in.

We partner with talented coaches like you who want to help women to have successful careers. We also want to help you, as female business owners, to be successful. But standing out on social media and building your brand online is hard in a crowded place. As a coach, your time is best spent coaching, not selling. 

What our coaches and community members are saying

"I want to say thank you for all you are doing for working mums, your platform is so helpful. I have loved all the March podcasts - so empowering and interesting to hear different personalities and styles of coaching."

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Does this sound familiar…?

You’re a brilliant coach who loves helping people get results. But, you’re spending a lot of time marketing yourself and looking for new clients. Lots of “virtual  coffees” and discovery calls? Commenting on LinkedIn, posting on Instagram and maybe even trying to keep a handle on Facebook Groups? Monthly newsletters, and growing your reach - it’s time-consuming and when you consider the returns on your time spent, does it always make business sense?


We can help. That’s why I launched…

The Careering into Motherhood Coaching Platform

We provide professional coaches with a platform to share their expertise with an audience that wants to hear from you.


We have space for a small number of new coaches to join our next cohort.

You’ll join a small community of other coaches who support one another. You’ll get help with things like social media, content writing and running the operations of your business, and you get to demonstrate your professional expertise to thousands of women who are interested and want the help you offer.


Our members trust us, and they trust our coaches too.

Because of the growth of our community, we have a limited number of places available on our next cohort.

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“I would highly recommend becoming a Partner Coach with Careering into Motherhood. As a career coach, I have already gained three new clients through my links with the platform. 

This is such a worthwhile investment: being able to share so many tools and resources with so many people is priceless. I know the power of the platform and the brand will lead to future clients. I’ve had great results so far and can’t wait to see what 2022 brings!”

Amy Shepherd, organisational psychologist and career coach


A bit more about me & Careering into Motherhood

I’m Jane Johnson, the founder of Careering into Motherhood. After a successful career in the City for more than 20 years, I started a flexible working recruitment firm in 2016.


I found that when women are really well-coached, they are confident and build careers on their own terms, and they don’t need a specialist recruiter. So I launched Careering into Motherhood in 2021 and we are disrupting the world of coaching, to make it more transparent and more accessible to women.
Careering into Motherhood is an online community of 16,000 women, and growing every day. I want to support female business owners like you, and together we can help the women in our community to have the careers they want.