Self-doubt. Imposter Syndrome. Lack of confidence. Call it what you like, but in my experience, it’s the single biggest killer of businesses before they’ve even started.

What does it feel like?

If you’re anything like I was before I started my business, you keep telling yourself you’ll reach out to people to tell them about your new business.

But when it comes to it, thoughts pop into your head like ‘What if they don’t get back to me?’ or ‘What if they laugh or judge me?’.

You start comparing yourself to others and asking yourself ‘Why would anyone buy from me when there are so many other more experienced [insert your niche] out there?

What impact does all this have?

These thoughts end up being so overpowering that you talk yourself out of taking action. You might end up not reaching out to anyone and then you’re back where you started. Playing small, with no paying clients and no exit plan.

A little secret…

It’s also something that plagued me throughout my corporate career and – even though I’m a coach and supposed to have my sh*t together – still does today in my business.

And I hate to say it but…. it never actually goes away.

Because imposter syndrome  usually rears it’s ugly head when we put ourselves in new or challenging situations.  And what is starting a business if not a big, fat new and challenging situation?!  But let me reassure you, it can be overcome.

6 ways to tackle it 


1. Accept it

You 100% NEED to get comfortable with it if you’re gonna run your own business. Accept that it’s a natural by-product of entrepreneurship and that its just a really amazing sign you’re pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

2. Remember you’re more of an expert than your potential clients

You may not feel like one or have the qualifications to prove it, but you DO know more than most people out there. That’s why they want to buy from you. Because they see you as more expert than them. Otherwise they’d do it themselves. Got it?

3. Keep reminders of success handy 

It’s so easy to forget how badass we actually are. So gather up reminders of your success like your strengths & credentials (ask other people if you can think of your own) and positive feedback from clients or colleagues.

4. Challenge your limiting beliefs 

A belief is just a thought you think over and over again until you believe it.  They often stem from childhood – things we heard or were told. So how can you challenge the negative, limiting ones?

First identify them, e.g: ‘You’re not cut out to run your own business’. Now ask yourself:

  • Is this helpful?
  • Is it an actual fact or a story I’ve created?
  • Do I have any evidence to support it?
  • What would be the more helpful belief to have instead?


5. Give yourself a reality check 

Ask yourself questions like:

  • ‘What’s actually the worst that can happen here?
  • ‘How likely is it to happen?’ then
  • ‘What’s my strategy for avoiding that?’


6. Fake it ‘til you make it 

I’m a firm believer that very now and again we just have to wing it. And instead of seeing that negatively, flip the script & view ‘Faking It’ as a badass tool in your business armoury.

I hope that helped.

And look I know you’d love to feel more confident to go out and find your first paying clients. But let me tell you, it is totally possible because I’ve been there & am living proof that you can (and will) get there too.

And if you want help getting paying clients WITHOUT having to be all over social media, then my 121 coaching or group coaching is for you.

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