Have you ever marvelled at a CEO holding the attention of senior management and the board? Been impressed by a seasoned politician debating constructively with other leaders? Kicked yourself when a colleague got appreciation for voicing exactly what you were thinking?

If you would like to build your confidence and assertiveness, there are three simple steps you could adopt. I call this the Give, Do and Ask More technique.

  1. Give Yourself Due Credit
  2. Do = Take Required Action
  3. Ask or Speak Up For Yourself


Let me elaborate further.

It’s easy for women to undervalue themselves. Being confident has a lot to do with feeling “worthy”. My advice would be to make a list of everything you are competent at and confident in doing. This could be as simple as making connections, coordinating your children’s schedules, etc. Once you understand the value this brings to people’s lives, you will develop a newly-found confidence in your worth – something that’s priceless during a job interview or networking!

The old adage is practice makes perfect. Chances are if you’re good at something, it’s because you have spent time doing it over and over again. Pregnancy, motherhood and life, in general, can sometimes derail our set routines. Perhaps there are things you once felt confident about, but now lack the confidence to do. Think about how you can regain that self-assurance. It usually means restarting something that you are already good at.

Last but not the least, be clear and direct about what you want. For example, if you are expecting to be paid for a piece of work for a friend, make it clear from the beginning. It is better for your confidence and your friendship if terms and conditions are laid out before you start work, not after you have completed it.


Download suggested activities  to build your confidence. 

The lessons I learned from my life events such as relocations and motherhood and personal experience of how these can impact a woman’s career is what led me to setting up The Career Lounge. I help my clients to align their careers with their life goals by using tools and coaching conversations that help them to increase their self-awareness and use this knowledge to take actions.

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