Being happy in what you do is my number one ethos. We spend so much of our life doing it we might as well be happy.

Since starting my business 2 years ago, I have done a lot of soul searching to work out not only what it takes to find out career happiness for my clients but also for myself. I have discovered the following things that I think are important when finding the ideal career.

1. Working out what really motivates you in a job.


I always ask my clients what their dream job would be or a job they think would be amazing. Then I ask them why. It’s not about the job itself but why you think it would be enjoyable. Really delve deep and take your time to think about it. For me I always said stylist or interior designer but when I really thought what motivates me in this job, it was working to solve people’s problems and having my own business.

2. Reflecting on where things went well and where things didn’t and what you’ve learnt from that.


Adam Grant, organisation psychologist recently said, “wisdom doesn’t come from experience. It comes from reflecting on experience. Between ages 25 and 75, the correlation between age and wisdom is zero. Gaining insight and perspective is not about the number of years you’ve lived. It’s about the number of lessons you’ve learned.” I always start my clients off by reflecting on their entire career. It gains so many lessons on what made them happy at the time and what didn’t.

3. Conditions that enable you to thrive


Ever thought back to a situation where you were thriving? What were the circumstances to make you thrive? Working in a great team? Being independent? Having time to reflect? Being under pressure? There are so many conditions that could make you thrive as a person.

4. Feeling valued


Understanding your most important values could help with this. Have a look at a list of work values (google can help with this). Mark each value out of 10 for how important it is for you and then go through the values again and mark each out of 10 for if it’s currently being met. You’ll be able to narrow down areas that need to be worked on for you to feel valued.

5. Learning and developing


When I was a new mum straight back to work after my first born, I wanted comfort. Developing and expanding my learning were not top of my priority. I just wanted to survive. But I wasn’t happy. After my second maternity leave, I took the plunge, turned my back on comfort and did my career coach training and set up my own business. I never felt happier. Comfort and standing still can be good for a time but ultimately, moving forward (however fast or slow it might be) is key to happiness in my opinion.

Alice is a licensed career coach. Her career change programme is perfect for anyone looking for career happiness. If you are interested in finding out more, get in contact to book a free 30 minute discovery call.