What We're About

It all started with one question; why do we go careering into motherhood?

We plan for everything when it comes to having a baby – we buy books, take classes, change our homes – and some of the first people we tell are our employers. 

But so few of us plan for the real impact that motherhood will have on our careers, which means we’re often left trying to fit back into a world that wants us the way we were, or trying to fit family into a world that doesn’t really welcome them.

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Whether you’re looking for a job, returning after mat leave, about to go on leave, launching a new business, growing a business, going in a new direction, fed up and want a change, or burning with excitement at the thought of a new promotion, signing up to Careering into Motherhood is the start of something really exciting that could change the way you manage your career.

We partner with coaches who, like us, want to tackle gender inequality in the workplace. They offer free advice and coaching expertise via blogs, podcasts and live events.


And if you decide you want to engage in a more bespoke arrangement with a coach to speed up your progress, you can contact any of our partner coaches, safe in the knowledge that we've checked them all out and you'll know they are who they really say they are. 

In the meantime, you can join our community of over 8,000 women over on Facebook and follow our podcast.