What We Do

It all started with one question; why do we go careering into motherhood?

We plan for everything when it comes to having a baby – we buy books, take classes, make home improvements – and some of the first people we’ll tell will be our employers. 

But so few of us plan for the real impact that motherhood will have on our careers, which means we’re often left trying to fit back into a world that wants us the way we were, or trying to fit family into a world that doesn’t really welcome them.

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It becomes unsustainable, and too many of us leave our careers to take lower paid jobs with more flexibility, or feel forced to leave the workforce all together. 

Careering into Motherhood was born out of a need to address this; our mission is to empower women with the skills they need to forge a world where motherhood and ambition can happily co-exist. 

Our members get free access to the UK’s leading career coaches who provide free coaching tools, tips and opportunities to join them on live coaching sessions.


By signing up, you can browse our directory of coaches, download free coaching tools, and access valuable coaching resources, at no cost. You can search by area of expertise and look at different coaching options. There is never any pressure to pay for coaching on our platform but if you feel the time is right to either join a group coaching programme or get some 1-to-1 advice, you can contact any number of coaches via our platform, safe in the knowledge that all of our coaches have the Careering into Motherhood stamp of approval which means they are qualified to help women like you with whatever it is you need to keep your career (or get it back!) on track.

We also work with companies that want to do more to retain and attract female talent, whether that is helping parents to return and stay with a company or develop senior women for leadership. We provide bespoke corporate consultancy services that have a direct and immediate impact.

Our successful podcast features interviews with inspirational women who are enacting the change they want to see, and sharing their hard-won wisdom.


Our Facebook Discussion Group has grown into an online community 6,500 strong! It’s a place where we share resources, knowledge and experience, educate about flexible working and help one another to find opportunities. 


Of course, we know that parenting is not the sole responsibility of mothers, but until women are not cornered into compromising their careers for family commitments, our focus will be on a world where motherhood and ambition are allies.