What if you could unlock your true power & potential this year?

We all have parts of ourselves that are hidden, repressed, denied. Parts of ourselves that we cannot see. Our psychological blind spots.

What if you uncovered them?

And why might you want to?!

Well, denying aspects of yourself, or being afraid of them, gives them a certain disruptive power over your life.  In short, these qualities end up running the show of your life at an unconscious level, creating external life results that are not what you want e.g it may cause relationships to rupture, prevent you from going after your goals, from expressing your true self and true potential.

So how do you uncover them?

By way of a valuable psychological mechanism called projection.

We project parts of ourselves onto other people, much in the same way as images are projected onto a cinema screen.  People in our lives – often those nearest and dearest – will display those qualities and behaviours that are hidden within ourselves. They show these qualities to us. In particular we know we are seeing these qualities when we are emotionally triggered by these people.

Make sense?!

Here is a little exercise to help with this concept:

Think of someone you know who really irritates you. Don’t hold back!

Allow your judgmental side to come out and play 🙂 It can help to think of an incident when that person said or did something that got under your skin and you couldn’t shake it off. It is an especially good sign if there were other people present at the same time who were not bothered at all by it, or perhaps when you shared this with someone else they didn’t quite “get it”.

Next, describe that person in that moment. How were they behaving? Lazy, Disrespectful, Disorganised, selfish, critical, unfair, aloof, unkind…?

Now consider: What if they continue behaving this way? What is the tragedy for them?

And, how do you avoid being like that? For example, if you described them as unkind, how do you avoid being unkind?

Now, here’s the rub. #Spoiler alert!

The reason this person bothered you so much is that they were behaving in ways that you – your ego mind – thinks is unacceptable. It has made sure you don’t act in this way by repressing this quality and creating an outward facing personality – a persona – that doesn’t include this quality. So the quality, for example being unkind, is pushed outside your awareness and into what is known as your “shadow” (what I think of as your blind spot). This quality or behaviour is very threatening to your being in the world, so whenever you witness and experience this in others, you want to reject it (and them too).

However, as I mentioned at the outset, denying this aspect of yourself gives it a disruptive power over your life, preventing you from expressing your true self and true potential.

Imagine what it would be like to truly embrace all parts of yourself and not worry what anyone else thinks about you?

To truly feel at home in yourself and free to express yourself fully in the world.

I want to tell you that this IS possible.

Doing shadow work – which is this process of uncovering and integrating these hidden parts of ourselves – is a deeply healing, transformative process. It takes time but the rewards are immense.

Shadow work will help you live a more authentic, fulfilling life —to close the gap between the person you want to be and the person you seem to be at this moment.

So would you accept the invitation to do this powerful inner work? 🙂

If you have any questions about shadow work and how it may help you unlock your potential please connect with me via my profile page!



PS If you identified a quality that you would like to work on integrating, please listen to the attached guided meditation to support you on doing this.