I wonder if you remember the theme tune to the 80s kid’s show, Record Breakers? I’ll jog your memory… It was Roy Castle and Cheryl Baker singing:


“Dedication. Dedication. DEDICAAAATIOOOOON! That’s what you need.”


I work with and speak to dozens of women each month at varying stages of their business journey, whether just starting out, making their first 100K in revenue, or growing from six to seven figures in revenue. And the thing I have noticed is that it takes more than being a subject matter expert to grow a successful business.


The women who go the distance and create successful and profitable businesses know the value of dedication!


In fact, this is most important when your business revenue is somewhere between 0 and 100K. This stage  of business is particularly tough because the metric that we all love to use to measure whether a business is successful, revenue, often isn’t showing up in the way that you would like.


And I have two things to say about this.


Firstly, if this is you, remember that revenue is not a reliable indicator of how your business is doing at this stage.

That might sound counterintuitive, but I see too many women wrongly concluding that their business isn’t making six figures, and therefore they aren’t any good at what they do.

This is not the case! Your skill in your subject area is completely separate to how well you have packaged, priced and positioned your services.


But second, if this is you, remember that between 0 and 100K is the stage where your primary purpose is to validate your business model and work out if you’ve got the right components in place.

Don’t decide too soon that your business isn’t working out.


You need to apply a little dedication (or a lot!), and persevere until you start to build the momentum you need to get your business validated.

And would you like to know another business secret?


If you make gaining momentum your big goal, you will eventually get to a point where you can’t mess things up enough to stop your business from succeeding. There will be so many people queuing up to work with you that eventually, you’ll reach that tipping point and the sales will happen.


And once that happens, getting to 100K revenue is really only a matter of time.


If you’re reading this and you’re a woman looking to build a consulting or coaching business for a corporate audience, and you could use the help of a coach like me to get you on the path to six and seven figures, get in touch today.


Jessica Fearnley is a Careering into Motherhood partner coach: www.careeringintomotherhood.com/jessica-fearnley