My daughter started gymnastics just before lockdown and she absolutely loves it. She’s working on her flexibility and getting stronger and stronger. What an improvement I can see week on week! Don’t even get me talking about her resilience and drive because that isn’t the topic for today … 

They use the beam where the name of the game is to demonstrate a flair for balance, focusing on a particular point, digging deep and tapping into core strength. 

There are so many parallels to be drawn here aren’t there!  

What is your sense of balance like as you navigate life’s challenges? Are you confidently moving forward, wobbling a little or do you feel like you have you just taken a tumble?  

Balance isn’t about the traditional scales of time between work and life we so often associate it with. It’s much more fluid than that and even seasonal.  

It may be that you know your life work balance is off right now. Notice which way around we’re talking about balance here. It isn’t a mistake! Perhaps you’ve taken a promotion that requires a lot of you in the first instance to step up. Or maybe you have an important life event that you are invested in. The key is to being aware of this and to know when it’s time to recalibrate … and how to do this too. 

If you work at it (and it is a lifelong game), you can flex and consciously choose where you are spending your precious time and of course energy too. It’s more than that though … it’s about your holistic wellbeing, self-care, honouring your self-worth, personal development and fulfilment! 

Get to know what balance looks and feels like to you. What are you doing when you’re feeling that sense of contentment? How does it show up in your body? The more self-aware you can be the quicker you can reset when you go off piste. 

If your sense of balance is off and subsequently your energy low then you’re not in the best place to make good life or career choices. Makes sense huh! I can help you to do redress your balance and to take superb care of yourself so you can learn and live/work to be authentically ‘YOU’.  

Get in touch for your free 30 minute clarity call and we’ll focus on where you are now and where you would like to be so you come away with your own mini route map to get you there quicker. 

This article was written by Oriel Camp, Life and Career Wellbeing Coach. Oriel helps busy mums to take calm and confident control of their life and career choices and not just to service others. You can find Oriel at and at