Vicki Kirk

Qualified career coach working with mid-career professionals and small business owners to help them design and build the working life that's right for them.

Location: London

Year Qualified: 2018

Areas of Expertise

  • Career change

  • Returning to work

  • Executive coaching

  • Confidence & imposter syndrome

  • Clarity of direction & goal setting

  • Life coaching

  • Launching a new business

Coaching Qualifications

  • Personal Performance Diploma - The Coaching Academy (2018)

  • DiSC Personality Profiling - The Coaching Academy (2018)

  • Corporate and Executive Coaching Diploma - The Coaching Academy (2022)

  • FireWork Licensed Career Coach (2018)

  • CareerShifters Practitioner Training (2019)

  • CPD in Neuroscience in Coaching and Confidence Coaching from The Coaching Academy


"Working with Vicki gave me space to explore ideas, and I was able to share my thoughts and plans without feeling like I was being judged - even if they were still at the "how could this ever work?" stage. The focus on testing things out meant that I had learnt a lot about the areas I was looking at before I started focusing in on specific ideas and this helped me to feel confident that I was making the right choice. I'd definitely recommend working with Vicki if you are feeling stuck, or if you're not sure about what you want to be doing in the future."

Helly, accountant, returning to work after children

"I worked with Vicki for six weeks when I didn't know where to go with my career. The process allowed me to find out what my core values are, what is important to me in a job and where I wanted to go. It gave me a lot of inspiration to try out new things and stay close to my core values and skills. I am now building my own business, and although I don't know if it will work out, I do know I'm doing the right things every day because it aligns perfectly with the outcome of the sessions. Her framework and 1:1 sessions are very structured and focused; they make you really think about what you want and need, and will steer you in the right direction. Definitely recommend for anyone seeking more clarity in their career path!"

Marj, launching her own business

"I was fortunate to find Vicki at a point in time where I felt stuck at a career crossroads and uncertain of which direction to take. Using her professional, supportive and friendly approach, I went from feeling that I had a disjointed, random career history to recognising some core values and common themes. Without Vicki I may have continued to procrastinate at the crossroads and missed or discounted some of the great paths available to me. Since the sessions with Vicki, I can now clearly describe what I want from my next role and have taken the first steps to get to it."


Jo, professional services

Professional Background

Prior to becoming a coach, I started my career as an auditor in a large corporate organisation, working with large FMCG and telecoms clients. After qualifying as a chartered accountant, I specialised in forensic accounting and was lucky enough to be part of some of the largest financial investigations of recent years.

As a young 20-something, it was everything I had hoped my career would be – varied, interesting, with a real work hard/ play hard mentality. However, after a few years, I needed a change of scene, and moved to a boutique dispute resolution consultancy, and became part of the eight-strong London office of an American forensic accounting firm. This gave me my first proper experience of people management and sparked in me a desire to focus on the people element of my career.

A few years later, after a career break to travel by train across Europe and Asia, I returned to forensic accounting, in a new role in a dispute resolution start-up. Taking on a senior manager role, I lead the day-to-day running of engagements, collaborating with legal teams and other experts to reach the best outcomes for our clients.


Throughout this time, I really enjoyed the people aspect of my role - helping to build strong teams, and creating an atmosphere in which all team members could thrive.

In my final role before becoming a coach, the work was interesting, and the people were some of the best I’ve ever worked with, but when I started maternity leave in 2016, I knew it was time to do something new.

What Drew You To Coaching?

I had been lucky enough to receive some career development coaching in my role as a forensic accountant and knew how transformative it could be. Whilst on maternity leave with my eldest, I decided to train as a coach.

I had seen first-hand the impact that feeling ‘lost’, or like something ‘wasn’t right’ at work, could have on the mental and emotional health of team members, and so it felt like a natural next step for me to move into career coaching.

Today, as a qualified career coach, I work with mid-career professionals and business owners who are wondering what the next step might be for them in their working lives.


My favourite bit about this is supporting my clients as they figure out what’s important to them professionally and personally, and how they can incorporate this into a working life they love.

Fee Structure

  • Power hour sessions: £80. Also available as blocks of 3 (£210) or 6 (£400).

  • 3 month coaching package focused on career change or career development, including DiSC profiling: 6 x 1hour sessions - £549

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