How do you manage time in your business? How do you balance running your business alongside everything else that you have to deal with; children, family, house and the like? Are you a procrastinator or find yourself un-productive? If so, read on!

Understanding different methods of managing your time can be really effective and make you even more productive. It helps you get laser-focused and get stuff done!

There are many different methods that can help; two of which I’m going to look at below.

Time blocking is all about dividing your whole day into blocks which enables you to set appointments with yourself and allows uninterrupted focus. As one of the most popular methods of time management, it allows you to schedule all the other things that you have to do alongside your business and gives you official time to get tasks done along with a really clear picture of your day.

Another method is the “Pomodoro Method” (I call it the ‘Tomato Method’ – I never can remember Pomodoro!). This is a time management system that helps you work with the time you have rather than against it. The basic principles are:

Choose a single task to focus on.

  1. Set a timer for 25 minutes and work only on that selected task.
  2. When the timer goes, stop and take a break for 5 minutes.
  3. Repeat steps 1-3 four times. After four cycles take a longer break of about 15-30 minutes.

This method really helps to focus the mind on the task at hand by giving you a sense of urgency – I must complete this task before the timer goes off – resulting in you being less likely to procrastinate. It also helps avoid the burnout feeling as you are scheduling small breaks into your day, almost without realising it.

So which method do I use? Both methods are super effective and I often use both during my working day. Ultimately, it is all about finding a system that works for you. However, the method that totally transformed my business was time-blocking. I went from flitting between jobs, endlessly procrastinating (there is always another load of washing that I could hang out!) and generally wasting time. Once I understood how time blocking worked, my productivity increased massively and I started to achieve the goals that I set.

If you would like help in establishing time management systems or would like to see an example of how I time block, book a free discovery call with me to see how I can help best support you.

This article was written by Ella Biggs, a mindset coach and a partner coach with Careering into Motherhood, who specialises in supporting women with their business growth. By developing practical strategies to gain clarity, confidence, and control, she helps her clients to achieve both their business and personal goals. You can get in touch via her profile page.