Are you tired of feeling like you’re always making excuses for your mistakes and failures? Do you find yourself blaming others and avoiding responsibility for your actions?  

As a working mom, I used to do the same, until I discovered the transformative power of taking responsibility. 

Taking responsibility means owning up to our actions, thoughts, and emotions, whether positive or negative. It’s about accepting that we are not perfect, but it’s okay because perfection is an illusion. When we stop pointing fingers and start acknowledging our role in various situations, a remarkable shift occurs within us. 

For a long time, I avoided taking responsibility because I feared feeling shame, stupidity, or failure. I blamed external factors for my shortcomings, seeking comfort in not facing emotional discomfort. However, this only left me feeling unfulfilled and drained. I realized that this energy and vibe were affecting my relationships and even my own well-being. 

I learned that taking responsibility is not about being perfect or getting it right every time. It’s about embracing our imperfections, being curious about our actions and reactions, and learning from them. This self-awareness allows us to move forward with grace, compassion, and gratitude. 

Parenting, especially, benefits immensely from taking responsibility. By being role models of self-control and delayed gratification, we teach our children valuable life skills. Instead of blaming them for their actions, we understand that they learn by mimicking our behavior. This empowers us to respond with empathy and find constructive ways to address their behavior. 

Guilt is another emotion that can be transformed through taking responsibility. Rather than wallowing in guilt and seeking sympathy, we acknowledge our mistakes, learn from them, and move forward with newfound confidence. We take the time to process our emotions and find balance, without playing small or seeking validation from others. 

I must admit that taking responsibility is an ongoing journey, and I’m still learning every day. Some days are easier, while others require more effort, but I know that it’s essential for my personal growth and my relationship with my children. 

In my coaching program, “Unleash the Mother Within,” I emphasize the power of taking responsibility as a life-changing skill. By understanding how it impacts our lives and relationships, we can create a positive ripple effect that not only transforms us but also influences the future generation. 

So, I invite all ambitious, independent working moms to embark on this empowering journey with me. Let’s challenge ourselves to embrace our imperfections, take responsibility for our actions, and show our children the true essence of humanity and compassion. Together, we can thrive in both our personal and parenting lives, leaving a legacy of strength and authenticity. 

Together, let’s create a brighter and more fulfilling future for ourselves and our children. 

This article was written by Alice Chepeau, one of our partner coaches who helps moms raise happy children while pursuing a life that fulfils them so they can show up at their best without sacrifice, guilt or overwhelm.  You can get in touch via her profile page