Do you ever feel like you’re struggling to move forward in your career or in your life? Does it seem like you’re battling an endless to do list and just end up treading water?

Mums perform the most extraordinary feats of juggling every day and it can end up feeling so normal that you don’t even notice how much you’ve actually achieved that day, that week or that month.


The secret to making steady progress towards any goal is in fact to pause and look back for a moment. If you take the time to regularly review how far you’ve come and what’s been working well (and also what’s not working so well), then this allows you to make little micro adjustments and keeps you steadily moving down the path towards success.

It also gives you a big boost of positivity because you’re able to clearly see how much you have actually managed to achieve over the past few weeks or months.

I call this process ‘Stop/ Start/ Continue’ and here’s how it works…


  1. Choose a period of time that you want to review. It could be last month, or the last three months, or even the whole of last year.
  2. Now think back over that time and ask yourself: What was I doing? What was happening? Where was I working? Where was I living? How was I feeling? What were my hopes and plans for the next month/ three months/ year ahead?
  3. Now review what went well during that period of time. Ask yourself: What was I proud of and what will I CONTINUE doing in the future?
  4. Now ask yourself: What hasn’t gone so well? What will I STOP doing?
  5. Lastly ask yourself: What have I been putting off? What will I START doing?


A 2015 study from the Dominican University of California discovered that we’re 40% more likely to reach our goals if we’re accountable to someone. And that doesn’t have to be to someone else – you can also be accountable to yourself by regularly checking in on your goals and reviewing your progress.

So give this tip a try and see if it helps you keep taking those baby steps towards your big dreams and goals, no matter how busy and overwhelming life gets.

This article was written by Juliette Dyke. Juliette has gone through her own experience of career change and now helps women recognise their gifts and strengths, release the mental blocks and fears which are holding them back, and create a fulfilling life and career they really love.

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