Podcast Review: "Favourite podcast 💗"

I’m so glad this podcast exists, I’m one year into my motherhood journey and this podcast came at a time I was losing a battle to gain flexible working upon my return to maternity leave, although I didn’t get the conclusion I hoped for listening to the stories from other women featured and their struggles and triumphs gave me the optimism that there are places out there that are progressive, value and champion women and that you can still be successful after having a child.

I found most recent episode about perinatal and post natal mental health comforting and reassuring, just knowing that so many women out there that experience the same thoughts and feelings as they embark motherhood has helped to normalise and hammer home that they shouldn’t be shrugged off as “to be expected”.

This is a podcast for everyone! More employers and partners should give it a listen to help create a better understanding of the everyday world of motherhood.


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