"Having a weekly meeting with other women... was as enlightening as it was enjoyable! - Sarah

I was part of the first cohort of the Path To Your Future coaching program back in June 2020 and I can honestly say it enhanced my experience of lockdown.

Having a weekly meeting with other women experiencing similar daily juggling acts but showing up for ourselves on a Tuesday evening was as enlightening as it was enjoyable!

I think having something to focus on that took us away from our day jobs - and home schooling (by hook or by crook) - was really positive and gave me so many tools and ways of thinking about things for my career, as well as how to handle my time and priorities to cope with the more mundane tasks at hand.

I would recommend getting yourself a set of noise cancelling headphones, hiding from the kids at bedtime and joining the next group.

I think more than Boris could ever understand, mums really are in this together, and with the help of this program, can help each other see the woods for the trees... Solidarity Sister!