Guest Blog: "How the pandemic led me to starting my own business" - Quang Hart

I returned to work from maternity in February 2020. As if it wasn’t stressful enough getting used to juggling a one-year-old and working, the COVID lockdown hit us six weeks later. I didn’t even have time to get used to the mad dash to get ready in the mornings and the commute to the office...

Just like every other parent during lockdown, we were expected to take care of our offspring and work from home at the same time. The pressure of doing both became too much so I requested to be furloughed.

During my six weeks in the office pre-COVID, I realised that my job was no longer fulfilling in the same way it used to be. Inevitably, becoming a mother makes you reassess everything in your life.

I knew I needed a change in direction.

Having ideas floating inside my head but not being able to unjumble thoughts to lead to action, I heard about Careering into Motherhood’s coaching programme. I thought, why not give this a go?

It is a group coaching course with 12 women in one cohort. I thought this would give me the tools and inspiration to move me forward – and I wasn’t wrong!

The course really helped me identify what was important to me in order to have a fulfilling work/ life balance. Turns out, I really don’t want to commute and would like a lot of autonomy and creative licence.

Having flexibility was top priority in regard to having time with my son. Being my own boss fulfils all these criteria!

During my pregnancy, I used positive birthing affirmation cards to prepare for labour. These are cards with positive statements. When read daily, they really help reduce anxiety and stress related to giving birth.

My business - Get Some Positivity - was sparked by this idea of creating affirmation/ motivation cards for many subjects: parenting, working out, anxiety, becoming an entrepreneur... the list could go on.

My background is in graphic design, so this also gives me a creative outlet designing the cards and branding. I work in marketing currently, so marketing the cards really interests me too.

Since last autumn, I have made several sets of cards, built a website, kept an Instagram account running, all whilst my son is sleeping!

Creating Get Some Positivity has given me a new sense of purpose outside of being mum during this very strange time. Getting feedback that says my Instagram account has helped people really fills me with joy.

I’m just at the tip of the iceberg with this new venture and I am very excited about it!

I highly recommend the Careering into Motherhood coaching programme if you are looking for a new direction or work fulfilment.

Quang Hart

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