Have you come to the end of the line with what you’re doing for work and feeling like you want to change career?


Do you dare to, not just jump ship, but do that thing that you’ve always wanted to do? How are you feeling about what’s ahead?


In March 2020, this happened to millions of people around the world almost simultaneously. The word ‘pivoting’ became inextricably linked to careers and by May of that year, was the LinkedIn 2020 word of the year!


Cafes turned into delis. Seated restaurants became takeaways. Learning & Development went 100% online and, personally, I know and coached hundreds of women who took the opportunity to upskill and move their careers into a completely different slipstream. Could any of this have happened without a pandemic?


Well. As it turns out, it’s not just the pandemic. Lockdown may have just accelerated an innate human desire to want to explore. Dan Cable says in his brilliant book, ‘Alive at Work’:


“Humans aren’t built for routine and repetition. We’re designed to crave exploration, experimentation, and learning – in fact, there’s a part of our brains, which scientists have coined “the seeking system,” that rewards us for taking part in these activities. But the way organizations are run prevents many of us from following our innate impulses. As a result, we shut down.”


So, armed with a sense of curiosity about what’s ahead and a knowledge that millions of people have successfully embarked on this journey already, what else do you need to equip yourself with in order to take the leap?


Here are five things you could consider doing to boost motivation and certainty:


  1. Work out your unique set of values. When your personal values and work values align, you feel like you’re in your flow and that makes hard decisions much easier.
  2. Gather together your cheerleaders, mentors, coaches and supporters. Who will be your new network supporting you both at home and at work. Ask them for help.
  3. Build evidence. Road test your new career idea. Can you ‘practice’ or ‘observe’ the role for a day or a week in a space doing it already? If you’ve not yet jumped ship, make this part of your research.
  4. It’s not just you. Immerse yourself in your new possible space. Get excited about what’s going on out there. Find out who’s doing it already. Research the big and small players in your chosen field.  Where are they hanging out? Which social platforms? What publications are they featured in, or reading? Are they podcasting. Where are the big shows? Get involved.
  5. Mind your language! Notice when your inner critic decides to take charge and sabotage your plans. If you find yourself listening too intently to that negative internal voice. Stop. And follow the four steps above to boost motivation and enthusiasm.

This article was written by our partner coach, Teresa Klasener.