I am an excellent coach. Working with me is life-changing.


How would making a similar statement about you and your work make you feel?

Many of us feel deeply uncomfortable owning our brilliance. What stops us from being honest and clear about what we do well?

Much of the answer lies in our cultural paradigm and childhood stories. Who else heard things like “stop showing off!” or “arrogant @*!#”, when they were growing up? We are trained that drawing attention to our strengths is unappealing. To avoid rejection, we toe the line. But what if this conditioning just serves to keep us small rather than safe?

Do we want to blend in when we are applying for jobs? Starting our own business?

Ultimately owning our brilliance allows us to be visible to others. It sends a message to the world that we know our worth, understand the difference we make and are worth investing in.


In my coaching I use archetypes developed by One of Many to help my clients access their internal power centres. The archetype we draw on to help us own our brilliance is the Warrioress. She is that part of you that is strong, fierce and independent.

How do you access her? Any activity that releases your inner tiger – exercise, play, sex… What works for you?

Write a list of the things that release your inner tiger, your Warrioress. Do one this week.

What if you are struggling to identify your strengths?

Ask others: other people often see our strengths far more clearly than we can – ask a friend or trusted colleague what they see as your top three strengths. Ask them to give examples of when you’ve demonstrated these.


Ask yourself:


  1. I’m at my best when I’m…
  2. When I’m at my best, the exact thing I’m doing is…
  3. When I’m doing that, the thing I love most about it is…


(These questions from Gay Hendrick’s book, The Big Leap, are a great way to tune into your strengths).

Write a list of 30 things that you are proud of about yourself. And for extra points, pick something and tell others about it.

Owning your brilliance is the first step to fulfilling your potential. When you own your brilliance, you can talk about it effortlessly. And that is how the right opportunities start to find you.


Caroline Doran


Deliver Grow


About Caroline

Caroline, founder of Deliver Grow, supports purpose-led women at times of transition to step out of overwhelm and discover a new way to lead aligned with their strengths.

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