It’s been two years since I got the call to say I had not been successful in the redundancy consultation process in my previous job.


The next stage was applying for a completely different role within the organisation or redundancy. I had been there 13 years and at the time I was on maternity leave. We were also in the middle of a pandemic.


After the panic had subsided, I knew I needed a change.


Eventually I retrained as a career coach and set up my own business but how did I manage that change and how do I help clients with deciding their next steps after redundancy?


Here are three things to think about after redundancy in order to make a positive change:


  1. Take a step back and reflect on the career you have. Is there anything you would like to change? Instead of jumping into a similar role, challenge the norm.
  2. Consider what your work values are. Did your previous employer align with these values and what will you consider when looking for your next role? Instead of jumping into a similar organisation, is there somewhere more aligned with you?
  3. Think about a situation when you were at your best. Close your eyes and take yourself back to that situation – what was that point when you were completely in the zone at your very best, what were you doing, what conditions made you thrive, what skills and strengths did you use?


Career coaching can be very beneficial after redundancy, not only to help with your CV and interview skills but to also to reflect on what you want in the future and turn a bad experience into a positive change.


Alice Draper is a licensed career coach and maternity coach. Her back to work programme which includes a mixture of career and maternity coaching is designed to help you go back to work after maternity leave or a career break feeling confident and considering your career now you are a mother.

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