Louise Chagas

Helping burnt out working mums rebalance, re-energise and reclaim their power by getting clarity on what needs to change and setting boundaries that work for them.

Location: Bristol

Year Qualified: 2022

Areas of Expertise

  • Returning to work

  • Confidence & imposter syndrome

  • Clarity of direction & goal setting

  • Life coaching

  • Emotional and well-being

Coaching Qualifications

  • Certified Life Coach, International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring

  • Certified Holistic Coach, International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine

  • Reiki Energy Healing Practitioner Level II, Usui Shikiryoho

  • Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine


"I approached Louise for help when I started to get anxiety at work which was interfering with my performance. Louise was so open and friendly in her approach. She made me feel really at ease and helped me to get my anxiety under control. She gave me an Emotional Freedom Technique tapping sequence to do whenever I feel my anxiety levels increasing, and this really helps to calm me down. I would definitely recommend Louise to anyone who is going through something similar."

Hayley, compliance manager

"Louise really helped me to gain clarity and perspective over my career. I had reached my late thirties and worked part time after having two children and had started to feel unfulfilled with my job. I knew that I wanted to work in the public sector but I lacked any direction as to what I wanted to do. Louise really helped me to breakdown what I wanted and why, and really helped me get clarity over the situation. She also helped build up my confidence so that I could apply for roles I would have initially dismissed due to a lack of belief in myself. Without Louise I would still be stuck not knowing what to do."

Anna, events administrator

"I've always had a tendency to put others first and put my own needs last. I got to a point where I had started to lose a sense of who I was outside of being a mum and wife. Louise really helped me to set workable boundaries for myself and gave me some useful personalised guided meditations to listen to. Just taking this time out for myself a few times a week made me realise that small changes can have quite a big impact. Louise, thank you for helping me to see how important a bit of self-care is!"


Amanda, charity co-ordinator

Professional Background

Before I transitioned to coaching, I spent 20 years working in financial services. Eleven of those years I spent working at one of the largest brokers in the world at vice president level. Whilst I had many female colleagues, the industry as a whole was male-dominated, particularly at management level.


After having my first child, I juggled a full-time career with parenting, which came with its own set of challenges of spinning multiple plates whilst trying even harder to prove myself at work for fear of being labelled as not up to the job as my focus was split.


After having my second child, I decided that I wanted and needed something to change, and so I decided to have a complete career pivot and qualify as a coach.

What Drew You To Coaching?

After the birth of my second child, I knew that there were three things I wanted:

  1. Something to change

  2. To be working more authentically as myself rather than as the person a corporation wanted me to be

  3. To have a career which made a difference, had an impact and aligned more with who I am


I embarked on my own coaching journey which was, quite frankly, revelatory! It was at this point that I realised just how powerful coaching is, and it gave me the courage to take the radical step and leave my job to set up my own business.

I now had an opportunity to help other people; to make a difference to people's lives, to help them get clarity in a chaotic mind, to rebalance themselves when they felt that they were losing their grip.

This has given me the perfect opportunity to embrace a side of myself that I struggled to let flourish whilst in the corporate world - my spirituality.


I have always been a spiritual person but neglected this part of myself for too long. It is so important to recognise that the mind, body and soul need to be worked on together, and so I decided to gain a qualification in Holistic Practices which includes Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique, Breathing Exercises, Guided Meditations and working with the Inner Child.

I now get to help mums navigate their way back to themselves, which gives me so much joy.

Fee Structure

I like to provide bespoke packages for clients. My hourly rate is £125.

Get In Touch

Louise Chagas

Email: louisechagascoaching@gmail.com