Many women lack confidence in the workplace, which can affect their careers to the point where they are less likely to be promoted and often puts them at a disadvantage when applying for or starting a new job.


No one is immune to these bouts of insecurity at work, but they don’t have to hold you back.


Being able to have challenging conversations, being able to say no and set healthy boundaries, or perhaps being more assertive at work, feeling more comfortable speaking up, or lacking in self-worth are common feelings and experiences that many of my clients struggle with, so you are not alone.


Without enough confidence, it’s too easy to give up prematurely or not get started at all.   


The great thing is, confidence can be learned and practised!


Here are four tips to enable you to feel more confident:


1) Become more self-aware


Connect with yourself and take time to understand who you are, where your motivations lie and most importantly, what makes you unique and how can you add value like no one else. Realise and harness your strengths and use them to your advantage!



2) Un-learn set beliefs


Question whether the negative chatter in your mind is speaking the truth. Challenge your inner voice/ combat imposter syndrome.


3) Be more aware of your emotions and how to regulate them


It’s important we show up and be perceived as we want to. Managing our emotions affects how we are with those we work with. We don’t need to change our entire personality to find confidence; it’s about finding a way that feels comfortable for you.

4) Surround yourself with people who make you feel great!


Think about your support network (friends, family, colleagues). Keep your network going so you feel connected.

This blog was written by our partner coach, Emma Kangis, an ICF accredited Leadership, Career and Mindset Coach. To download some tips (for free) on how to manage the negative chatter and befriend your imposter, visit