Thinking about a career pivot can be one of the most exciting and challenging decisions you make.  Often the pivot is something you have been thinking about for a while but you may not have had the confidence to start the ball rolling.


Over the years, I have worked as an employee within corporates climbing the ‘career ladder’, pivoted to become a consultant/ freelancer, returned from maternity leave into a new role and started my own business. Making these career changes was a conscious decision, one that required a growth mindset, determination, motivation and confidence.

Many of my clients know they too want to make a change but the pathway to get to be where they want is not quite so clear.


When discussing career changes, I ask my clients to think about an acronym I created:


FREE = Forward thinking, Realistic, Efficient and Effective


Let me explain each one.


Forward thinking


Does the change in career align with your future dreams/ needs? Are you able to consider a 3 – 5 year plan of what you think the journey and path might look like? Have you done your research into the role or industry you are thinking of moving in to?




Does the goal align with you, your identity and your current lifestyle whether that be financial, logistical for example? All could change when pivoting. You may need to acquire or develop additional skills.




How can use you your time in such a way that will maintain motivation and excitement in order to help you drive your dream forward? Timing is so important in order to pivot successfully. Sometimes, the longer we leave something, the weaker the motivation and desire to do it becomes.




What super powers and strengths do you have that you can draw upon to make the pivot a reality?


Mindset is so important. Reflect on why you want to make this move and seek those that can help you.  Create a support circle (see video below) of those that can help you in different ways, for example, someone who can challenge your thoughts and assumptions and offer an objective viewpoint. A mentor who has walked the path you are considering will be able to share valuable lessons, experiences and insights, and also perhaps introduce you to a network that you can use in order to seek out the career you wish.


This blog was written by Emma Kangis, an ICF/ EMCC accredited Leadership, Career and Mindset Coach.