Having left work for some amount of time, it can be overwhelming to return. In fact, you’re probably a different person now that you’re returning. You change because your values and goals have changed slightly. You’re probably feel slightly unsure of yourself and your abilities.


So, how can you be confident in the workplace without feeling incompetent?


Here are some simple tips for you to follow:


1) Body language


Whether you’re working from home and on a Zoom meeting or in the office, review your body language. Are you sitting up? This shows that you are assertive and ready to tackle anything.


2) Set expectations


Be clear from the start with your manager and team on your expectations, and also understand theirs too. Come up with a plan that works for you both. Keep those lines of communications clear with your manager. Review periodically and discuss what’s working or not.


3) Create better daily habits


Eat well, get plenty of sleep and exercise to keep your energy up to focus on work. Meal prep where you can. Ensure a good evening routine that works for you and book in time for some exercise!


4) Speak up!


Going into meetings can be a little daunting again and you may feel that anything you say may be deemed unhelpful or pointless. Instead, go in with intent and purpose. Don’t be afraid to ask what something means – it’s okay. Don’t be afraid to make your point either – it may be the most valid point!

Developing better habits, communicating, speaking up, setting expectations and changing your body language are all steps towards believing in your abilities and in yourself, and therefore maintaining your confidence in the future.


If you want to know more or need any support in taking these steps to build confidence, then you can book a call with me: dipal@divacoaching.co.uk.


This article was written by our partner coach, Dipal Shah.