Future-proof your career for maternity leave

This is a 12-hour coaching programme to help you understand your options and prepare your career for maternity leave. Whether you’re definitely keen to come back, you’re not sure or you think you’re likely to want to negotiate something a bit different.

The course has been designed and will be led by a qualified organisational psychologist and highly experienced career coach, who has worked with professional women with children her entire career. Together with flexible working specialist, and founder of Careering into Motherhood, Jane Johnson.

It uses blended learning - a combination of sessions led by our qualified coach, some guided learning where you will work independently on tasks set for you by the coach, and peer-to-peer learning where you will work with and be supported by other members in your coaching group.


You will receive the materials and recordings of our sessions so you can refer back.

There will be five sessions via video conference. These all take place in a very relaxed environment. The first three take place over lunchtime so you can fit the coaching around work. And the two 45 minute sessions during your mat leave are like a coffee morning but instead of talking babies, we talk about you and your career. We understand babies don’t always play ball, you’re free to feed, change nappies and do whatever you need - it’s an informal learning environment among women who are also mums!

You will also have plenty of opportunity to interact with and build a support network with the other mums in your cohort.

Future-proof your career for maternity l
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Jane Johnson

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What's covered?

Each week there will be some work done independently which will be discussed within the group, there will be some learning exercises led by our professional coach and some interactive discussion with your fellow coaching cohort.


The course will cover:


  • The change curve: helping you to understand the highs and lows of any change, recognising that feelings about work and your role might change over the course of maternity leave, recognising that ups and downs are totally normal.

  • Identifying and unlocking your potential - create a vision of where you see yourself professionally five years from now. Using the skills wheel tool, map out what you’re good at and what you enjoy about working giving them areas to celebrate and areas to focus on for personal development. All independent of motherhood but may give some ideas for reading and personal development while on mat leave.

  • Personal support matrix: helping participants to map out what support they need from different groups of people in their lives, and then using this to create an action plan to help them find this support include childcare, partner support, and practical info about KIT days, planning for leave date and planning for return.

  • Negotiation & sphere of influence: recognising that in any situation, there are things we can control, things we can indirectly influence, and things that are totally out of our control. By mapping these out, we look at our negotiation style and contracting with compromise. We are able to direct our energy towards the things that we can control or influence, and try to ‘park’ those that are out of our control. This can also be applied to home life on maternity leave, as well as coping with a new baby , and then returning to work.

  • Thinking vs feeling matrix: helping people to map out what they think about returning to work, and how they feel (as these are often two very different things). This bespoke tool enables participants to separate out their ‘head from their heart’ recognising the importance of both their objective thoughts as well as their emotional feelings when they return to work after such a long period of maternity leave.

  • A practical review of flexible working and the different options, how to negotiate a return, and if it comes to it, how to leave well.

Who is this course aimed at?

The course is run by mothers who work, for mothers who work. We have been on three maternity leaves between us and each time negotiated a return that worked for us. We have also gone on our own professional paths and taken our careers in different directions.

We feel that if more women knew more about the opportunities, negotiation and how to prepare their careers for maternity leave, there would be a better chance of women reaching their full potential both in ambition and earnings.

If you are about to go on maternity leave, thinking of starting a family, have just had a baby or just told your employer that you’re pregnant then we can help you plan in a way that’s right for you. And connect you with other women who will be in similar positions and can give you different perspectives.

It is our hope that every woman reaches her full potential professionally without having to compromise the happiness of motherhood.

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