This session will provide the space to explore your pregnancy journey with others in the same place through a supportive blend of information, top tips and group & peer coaching. An informal and safe place to think about what you need.

Motherhood can be one of the most all-consuming, incredible and challenging times of our life – growing and looking after a tiny human whilst trying to balance our careers, family and our identity. Taking time to explore how we feel about this transition is a positive step at feeling in control at a time when so much can feel out of our control.

We will explore:

  • What your maternity journey is looking and feeling like so far
  • What do you want and need from your career as you approach motherhood (whether for the first time, second time or beyond)
  • Practical tips for putting effective boundaries into place
  • How our identity can shift and delve into what this means for you

Deanne Logan is a maternity and wellbeing coach, advocate for mental health, L&D consultant, and mum to 2-year-old Isaac.

Deanne will support you to live and work authentically in a way which aligns with your values, through providing you with space to explore your identity, purpose and impact.