This session will guide you to make decisions on how to claim and own your personal power and lead yourself to the desired outcomes you set in your personal, work and family life.

It is an invitation to shift attention from ‘how much can I bear’ to ‘how good can it get’ and integrate this mindset into your day.

This session will bring attention to the visible and invisible blocks that prevent you from experiencing what you truly desire as a mother, career woman and in life generally.


You will go away from the session with:


  • awareness of the blind spots in your thinking and behaviour, which have been keeping you stuck or slowing you down
  • clarity on where to focus your attention, energy and time instead
  • a perspective shift which opens up choices and opportunities to lead in motherhood, business and life.

Ekaterina is a Mindset & Embodied Leadership Coach, supporting Mothers in Business to ⁣feel good as they raise their Energy, Income & Impact without sacrificing their own needs or precious family time.

Ekaterina’s professional background includes corporate experience in the financial services industry and also education, where she still lectures at the evening courses program for the University of Westminster.