Many people view change as something to be feared, problematic and unknown and yet a characteristic of resilient people is instead to see change as a potential opportunity for growth and development. Learning to accept change, even embrace it, is therefore a crucial skill in becoming more resilient. Having resilience tools can help us cope with challenges, change and stressful situations such as dealing with increased workload, reduced resources, workplace politics, redundancy and career change, but also with positive changes such as a promotion or relocation.

At this session you will learn how to:

  • see change in terms of growing, evolving or transforming
  • cope with change
  • understand the phases of change
  • view change as an opportunity

Suzy Malhotra is the founder behind Become Resilient, a Resilience & Wellbeing coach, passionate about helping individuals to adopt strategies to better manage their lives and reduce their stress levels. To create balance and achieve their goals without their health suffering.

Through coaching she also helps individuals find their way to loving their work in alignment with their own passions and purpose as well as those of the organisation and with balance.