HR professionals deserve to feel supported too.

Are you feeling isolated in your HR role and need some support?

Have you lost confidence in your professional abilities?

Do you want to be seen as a key contributor to the organisation and not just an administrator and firefighter?

Do you want to take control of your own professional development and thrive in your career?

These are just some of the themes that may come up for you if you’re an HR professionals especially when you’re in a standalone, working in a small team, an HR consultant, or an HRD reporting to a member of the SMT who doesn’t really get HR.  The Thrive in HR group coaching session will give you a little taster of how you can reinvigorate your career HR and feel a little less lonely.

You will gain from this session:

  • Clarity of their current position
  • Confidence to try new strategies
  • Motivation to make changes
  • Support from their new network