Whether you are a leader at work, a leader at home or recognise the importance of leading yourself, this session is for you. We will explore the four courage-building skillsets and share some activities and ideas you can take away into areas of your life where you would like to be braver. So, come along and let’s get brave together!


During the session we will cover:


  • What courage is and isn’t
  • What’s your ‘Call to Courage’? Where would you like to be braver?
  • What gets in the way of us being courageous with our lives
  • How the metaphor of the arena can be used to support us to step into our courage


You will go away from this session with:


A clear idea of where you want to be braver, an understanding of what is stopping you and how you can use empathy and self-compassion to be braver with your life.