It’s so important to prepare effectively for your first leadership role, so that you can swim rather than sink!

The transition from manager to leader is a significant one. Yet in many organisations, there is still no formal support or development offered for women navigating this step up. Too often, we are thrown in at the deep end and the coaching and development comes later if we are lucky. 

And whilst you will no doubt be technically proficient in your current role, you’ll need to dig a lot deeper in order to lead with authenticity, purpose and impact.

Effective leadership is about leading with empathy, understanding your people and empowering them to thrive. This requires you as a leader to start with your own self-reflection on your leadership style, and listening to your stakeholders about what they need.

This taster session is ideal if you’re getting promoted into leadership for the first time and need some support in transitioning successfully from manager to leader.

Louise will guide attendees through some coaching exercises that will help them identify their leadership style, including their core values and key motivators, as well as sharing the attributes all successful leaders share.

Louise will also share a framework for your first 100 days in your leadership role, complete with questions to guide your process.

This session will give you:

– An understanding of your purpose as a leader and your leadership style

– A picture of the attributes that successful leaders share (and prompts for you to reflect on here for your own leadership style

– A takeaway resource which is a framework for your first 100 days as a leader, with questions and prompts to guide your process

Prior to becoming a coach, Louise Thompson worked at board level as a Director of Corporate Communications in both the logistics industry and within the NHS, leading these organisations as part of the executive team. With a 20 year career in Corporate Communications, and multiple Director roles under her belt, she now works with first time female leaders, supporting them to communicate and lead effectively and giving them the confidence to “take their seat” at the table.