Having our best year yet is not just about “go, go GO”. It can help us…

  • prevent or recover from burnout
  • be more present and reduce that guilty feeling of “I should be doing X, when I’m doing Y” and vice versa; and
  • help us to feel more purposeful and fulfilled in ALL areas of life, and
  • create success more easily.


You can do this by leveraging your strengths, and focusing on what YOU really want – not what others expect or want from us.

My focusing on yourself, you are not selfish. Others won’t be equipped to say so when you focus on you, and as a result, improve your productivity at work, are more present and intentional in your relationships and become an awesome inspiration and role model to friends, family and colleagues.


YOU deserve to have your best year yet.


In this webinar you will learn:

– How to set yourself up for a year of success

– How to convert your valuable life experiences into bespoke guiding principles – unique mantras you can follow to accomplish more of what you want

– How to make your best year yet happen

This coaching webinar is designed by Tonya Malone. She is the Fulfilment Coach. She helps professionals to achieve their unique vision of success and feel fulfilled without sacrificing they are or their wellbeing in the process. Register below.