It’s no secret that the menstrual cycle affects your mood, concentration, appearance, and energy levels. Let’s go into the exact strategies for adjusting your work/career search for best performance throughout the menstrual cycle and look into why it has such an immense impact.

Join Hormonal…at work! taster session and you will get:

  • Clarity on how to manage your cycle and your career
  • Advice and tips on the best time to negotiate your rate/salary/pay rise
  • How a cycle works and when best to maximise your energy at various stages of your career search
  • What tasks you should engage in at every stage of your cycle
  • Your career search questions answered

This Taster Session is hosted by Pamella Bisson, she empowers women who want to advance their careers, negotiate their worth and expand their network for LIFE. To find out more about Pamella visit her profile page