The internal voice of doubt whispers to everyone, regardless of success, for a variety of reasons:

Internalised societal expectations: Societal pressures surrounding gender roles and the “ideal” career path can create internal conflict, leading to imposter syndrome and anxieties about not fitting the mould.

Comparison game: Comparing oneself to others’ seemingly perfect trajectories can trigger feelings of inadequacy, even if those comparisons are often skewed and incomplete.

Fear of failure: The fear of falling short of expectations, both internal and external, can lead to timidity and reluctance to take risks or embrace new challenges.

Lack of support: Navigating career progression can be isolating, and without a strong support network or mentorship, women might lack the encouragement and validation needed to push past self-doubt.

It’s important to remember that acknowledging and challenging these self-limiting beliefs is already a step towards overcoming them. By understanding the underlying causes and implementing self-compassionate strategies, successful women can continue to soar.

At this session, you will:

  • Leave the “mummy brain” myth in the dust and embrace your true potential.
  • Reclaim your confidence and place in the professional world with pride.
  • Gain the tools and support to navigate your thriving career comeback journey.

The host of the webinar is Denise Tuke, she helps women who are either feeling stuck in their careers, or are thinking about returning to work, regain confidence to make informed career-related decisions