Mum Guilt is the feeling that your mothering is not good enough (and therefore you are not good enough).

Internalising guilt and the pressure to be the perfect mother are detrimental for mothers mental health. Mothers who experience guilt for not meeting parenting expectations also experience: lower self efficacy, higher levels of stress and higher levels of anxiety.

Dr Angie Henderson 2015

This is for you if:

  • You tired of feeling “not good enough”
  • You often feel judged by others and/or by your inner critic
  • You feel like you’re always striving for the perfect work life balance
  • You want to be more present with your children when you’re with them but are often distracted
  • You feel guilty when you’re working and guilty when you’re not working
  • You want to learn a mindset tool to manage Mum Guilt and improve your wellbeing
  • You are curious to learn about the social construct of Motherhood and how and why it leads to guilt
  • You want a confidential, non-judgemental and empathetic space to share and learn

This session will give you:

– an understanding of the social context in which you are mothering and the part it plays in fuelling feelings of guilt or shame

– clarity around what’s most important to you in life and why

– a coaching tool to help you manage Mum Guilt and reframe it to benefit you and your family

Lucy Higgins, ICF ACC, is a Mum of two boys, an accredited Career & Wellbeing Coach and certified Motherhood Studies Practitioner having studied under Sociologist, Dr Sophie Brock. Lucy is passionate about supporting women to flourish at home and work.

In this 1 hour interactive workshop she will lift the lid on the invisible social forces that keep women stuck in cycles of guilt and shame. She will offer a coaching tool to help you to shift the feelings and ultimately feel happier and more empowered to act in alignment with what is most important to you.