CV writing & using LinkedIn with purpose

This is a 10-hour coaching programme that blends live tutorials with some independent study and group work.

The course has been designed with Amy Shepherd, our qualified organisational psychologist and highly experienced career coach.

The tutorials are led by Amy and Jane.


Over five weeks you will get weekly, live sessions via Zoom, you will work independently on practical exercises and apply them to your own situation, you will benefit from peer-to-peer learning and work with other members in your supportive coaching group.

By the end of the programme you will have a CV that you can use to apply for jobs, a LinkedIn profile that will get you seen by your audience, a professional network of people on LinkedIn to get you started, a solid understanding of what you need to do to grow that network in your area of expertise, and be seen as a subject matter expert.

The live tutorials take place via Zoom, so you can fit the programme around your childcare and work commitments.


You will have plenty of opportunity to interact with and build a support network with the other members of your cohort.

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Amy Shepherd

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Jane Johnson

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What's covered?

In each live tutorial we will discuss a new topic; you will be working with other members of the cohort to put the new things you learn into practice. You’ll take what you’ve learnt, apply it in real life, you’ll also bring it back to the group for discussion in pairs or small groups.

Week 1: A practical guide to recruitment and CV writing, including a CV writing toolkit, with templates. You’ll put it all into practice and define what you want to say to an employer or potential client and what impression you want to leave them with.


Week 2: Peer to Peer CV discussion and a chance to get constructive feedback on your CV. Understanding the recruitment process: direct to employer, via recruiter, job board, company portal or LinkedIn. Introduction to LinkedIn your profile, building your network and having something relevant to say.

Week 3: Networking: building your network with authenticity and without the canapés.

Week 4: What to say on LinkedIn, how to connect with people who will help you, and working together to set goals and test your learning so far. During this week, you will be working in pairs at a time you will mutually agree.

Week 5: Building an authentic personal brand, learning how to offer a skills “swap shop", covering letters and working with recruiters.

Who is this course aimed at?

The course is run by mothers who work, for mothers who work, and want to make a career change, get back to work, or go in a new direction and get noticed by clients, customers or employers.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been out of the workforce or how varied your career has been, we can help you get started.

We also place a big emphasis on building your personal brand and defining your professional tone of voice.

If the idea of networking leaves you cold, we can help take away that image and help you to build a network of your own that is supportive, meaningful and helps you to achieve your career goals.

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