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The Power of You by Gemma Rabbini

The perfect course ahead of job interviews, after a career break (planned or unexpected) or if you’re suffering the effects of the dreaded ‘impostor syndrome’ and as a result, you’re feeling stuck in a career rut.


Get structured, clear, expert help to explore, clarify and articulate your unique impact step-by-step in the context of a personal brand. You’ll feel more confident to reach for the roles you want, ask for that new project, or to smash that networking presentation or interview.


Importantly you’ll be able to communicate and demonstrate your impact when it counts.

Gemma has specifically designed this for women suffering from impostor syndrome; who are feeling overlooked for opportunities and are struggling to sell themselves in the moments when it matters, despite having great experience. It’s the support I wish I’d had earlier in my career. With 13 years in the Corporate world in Marketing Communications, Recruitment and Training, I wanted to use my skills and experience to build a programme and business to champion the innate brilliance of women when they really need a boost.


How does it work?


In each module, I’ll take you through concepts, techniques and practical approaches you can apply to yourself at your own pace, via step-by-step videos, content, worksheets and some reflective coaching questions.

We’ll work through exploratory, clarifying and personal branding exercises, taking the years of experience I’ve had in communications, marketing, recruitment and coaching, to enhance your self-perception and ability to articulate your value and strengths with impact.

We’ll use the art of storytelling and language designed to show you off at your best.


What will you get?


You’ll come away from the course with increased confidence and self-awareness, documented skills, strengths and insights relating to your unique value, a structured brand story to use in interviews and an elevator pitch to use at key moments. We’ll also cover useful networking approaches to optimise your connections, specific language to articulate yourself and ways to impactfully pitch yourself in the moments that matter.


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