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Self-employment + Motherhood = Your Dream Team by Tamsin Williamson


An insightful, action-focussed 90 minute workshop and accompanying workbook where you’ll discover the 5 powerful steps to grow a beautifully aligned business and life on YOUR terms, that works in harmony with parenthood.

Whether you’re self-employed already or contemplating taking the leap this 90 minute workshop and accompying workshop will dive deep into this topic and you’ll walk away with:

  • A holistic framework to help you craft a balanced, aligned and motivating vision for your life, famliy and business
  • Boundary setting strategies supporting you to protect your priorities, wellbeing and energy
  • Practical techniques helping you manage your time and productivity
  • Empowering mindset tips to balance the mental maternal load with being a business owner

To register for workshop and to know more follow this link 

You can find out more about Tamsin Williamson and coaching with her at her website or her personal profile page.