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Wellbeing Mastermind for Mums by Philine Chucri

Durration: 3 months

Location: Online

Want to grow into the mum you always wished to be? Now is the time!

Learn together in the community how to manage mum guilt, focus on what’s really important to you and become a happier version of yourself!

Philine has created a powerful group coaching program, designed for brilliant mums like you who want to be more present, calm and organized without sacrificing yourself in the process.

During this 3-month group program, you’ll explore how to gain clarity on your goals, be curious about your current and future self and manage your parental guilt.

It’s not about adding another thing on your to-do list. Instead, you will learn how to simplify your everyday life and free up time for the things that really matter to you.

How it works:
  • Small group of mums so everyone will have time and space to express themselves within the group sessions. You’ll learn as much from the course content as you will learn from each other.
  • Bi-weekly live sessions (12-13h UK time) to explore, practice and embed the tools you’re learning
  • Voxer support from a qualified coach (that’s me!) so you can check in with me when things are tricky and also celebrate your wins along the way!
What this course will cover:

1. GOAL SETTING: Meet the other participants, set your personal goal and gain clarity on your why.

2. VALUES: Identify what’s really important for you, what lights you up from the inside. Our values are our compass in life and guide us towards a more fulfilled, happier life.

3. FOCUS: Learn how to remove distraction, overcome procrastination and get yourself into a do-not-disturb mode so that you can fully focus on your goal.

4. SELF-COMPASSION: As mothers we are SO hard on ourselves. It’s time to show some self-compassion. You’ll learn how to be kinder to yourself so you’re pouring from a full cup, not an empty one.

5. CREATE MORE TIME: Explore how you can set boundaries and simplify your daily life so that you can focus your time and your energy on the things that really matter to you.

6. FINAL SESSION: Visualise your Future-Self, realise how far you’ve come and get clear on your next steps.

Are you ready to create a happier, healthier life?!

To learn more about the program and Philine follow this link: