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DISC Behaviour Profile Workshop by Lorraine Petken

Price: £295

Do you feel you  would benefit from more clarity around why you behave the way you do at work and why you work well with some colleagues and clash with others?  My everything DISC is a behaviour and personality tool which I have integrated into a 3 hour workshop to give you greater self-awareness of how you operate in a professional setting.

Group DISC workshops will be run with no more than 10 participants, so you have the opportunity to benefit from group interactions and discussion.

What the DiSC workshop includes
  • Your individual personalised DISC report
  • 3 hour group DISC workshop
After completing the workshop you will:
  1. Learn how your DISC style influences your day to day behaviour
  2. Understand how priorities drive behaviour
  3. Learn how to recognise other people’s styles
  4. Learn how to flex your style to develop your relationships in the workplace
  5. Have actionable strategies to help improve your interactions in the workplace and ultimately your boost performance.

Total Cost £295

If you would like to follow up with the course with a 1:1 feedback session this can be added to your package.

A Disc profile and 1:1 feedback session can be booked separately as a standalone package -£250

For more details on all options, get in touch through profile page or via email: