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6 Week Flourishing Mothers Programme Oct ’23 by Belinda Batt

Date: October, 2023

Price: £ 335

To help you achieve YOUR goals, I’m distilling all of my coaching, positive psychology and sociology of motherhood knowledge into one incredible six-week programme, which combines learning modules with weekly group calls and 121 coaching sessions, aiming to bring you:

1. Awareness of the societal structures which prevent mothers from flourishing;
2. Knowledge of evidence-based tools and techniques to support your own well-being;
3. Clarity in your goals and how to achieve them; and
4. Connection with like-minded mothers.

Becoming a mother changes and challenges women in many ways. It’s easy to feel out of control, and at the mercy of our emotions and the expectations of others, not to mention society as a whole.

BUT when we are able to:

Fully appreciate the situation we are in – both personally and from a broader societal perspective;
Learn evidence-based tools and techniques to support our well-being;
Overcome self-limiting beliefs;
Understand that feeling negative emotions is normal AND we can cultivate positive ones too;
Re-construct our sense of self – honouring the old whilst embracing the new;
Identify fully as flourishing mothers, despite the challenges we face;
Share our experiences with other mothers and support one another;
Harness our unique power to take action;

We CAN truly embrace flourishing motherhood and achieve our goals.

Belinda Batt uses evidence-based coaching and positive psychological tools to support mothers in feeling less alone, less inadequate, more fulfilled and more in control of life – enabling them to flourish. You can find out more about Belinda Batt by visiting her profile page

For more information about the course visit Belinda’s website