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Yvonne Chideya

Yvonne Chideya

I help you find clarity and build confidence in yourself through mindset coaching, nutrition coaching and strength training so that you can live a life aligned with your values.

Location: Birmingham

Year Qualified: 2019

Areas of Expertise


"I have been a client of Yvonne’s on and off for the past seven years and each time I have had sessions with her, she has taught me something new and I have grown! Yvonne understood and prioritised my well-being and gave me a safe space to talk through any challenges I may have been experiencing and also any wins! I benefitted enormously from any sessions with Yvonne and I could not recommend her as a well-being coach enough! No challenge is too big and she always approaches every session with a beaming smile!" ​

Hayley Bennett

"I approached Yvonne to get help managing my PCOS and endometriosis naturally, both for my own wellbeing and also in order to help on my TTC journey. I have not received much support from the medical community in this so I thought I'd try a PT. Yvonne has truly been an answer to my prayers. She was so much more knowledgeable about my issues than I ever could've hoped, and with her help my cycles are already starting to regulate themselves much better after only a few months. She is experienced, professional, compassionate, and the best cheerleader and coach one could ever hope for. She completely tailors sessions to what I want and need, which means she spends a lot of time listening to me and shaping our plan on where I am at and where I want to get to. Even when I've not done as well during a particular week, she's never shamed me for stumbling but helps me find the motivation to keep trying. I personally feel like she's the best friend I didn't know I needed, but she has absolutely been the personal trainer I needed and prayed for. She's truly helped me shift my lifestyle towards something both healthier and sustainable. I cannot recommend Yvonne enough! I promise you won't regret working with her!"

Dana Blackburn

"Yvonne has been (and still is) instrumental in helping me change my life for the better in aspects from nutrition to fitness and mindset! I feel as though she has made me realise that I already hold the keys to the doors I want to go through in life, she just guides me towards them in such a way I feel I couldnt have got there without her. She is awesome!! I would recommend her to anyone looking for positive change in their lives."

Dan Spooner

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • Nutrition Coach - 2020
    • Life Coach - 2019
    • Personal Trainer - 2016

    Professional Background

    After finishing my BSc in Business & Technology, I worked for Sainsbury’s Bank before moving on to work as a recruitment consultant in the healthcare industry where I managed multi million pound accounts.

    My wandering and travel-loving nature inspired me to join Virgin Atlantic Airways as cabin crew where I progressed to senior cabin crew before this role was made redundant.

    This gave me an opportunity to be able to take a part-time contract as cabin crew whilst I retrained as a personal trainer, eventually starting my own PT business.

    What drew you to coaching?

    After I qualified as a personal trainer and nutrition coach, I came to the realisation that most people understood a lot about nutrition and training. However I kept seeing a trend of self-sabotaging and realised that I had to help my clients with their mindset too.

    I gained my life coaching qualification which also led me down the psychology route and my path into training to be a psychologist.

    I enjoy seeing my clients realise that they are more than capable of transforming their lives in any way they want to, that they are enough as they are and that they already possess the tools they need.

    Fee Structure

    £99 – £120 per hour

    £199 – 90-minute strategy call

    £449 – six week package