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Tonya Malone

Tonya Malone

I help high-performing professionals harness their power, up their game and create the life and career they love, achieving success and fulfilment without sacrificing who they are or their wellbeing.

Location: Surrey, Weybridge

Year Qualified: 2022

Areas of Expertise


Tonya was wonderful. She is a great listener and a wonderful coach who asked me thought provoking questions that really helped me dig deep. She held space for me and I was able to get a lot of things off my chest and I felt heard and understood. I came into the sessions confused and overwhelmed about something and left with clarity and calm. I would definitely recommend her!

Kanika, seeking clarity on future career direction

Tonya is very professional in all aspects. Her coaching is structured and at a lovely pace. I felt completely at ease and I was able to talk openly and honestly. There was never any fear of judgement and Tonya approached my discussion with calm and containing sensitivity. I am a hyper-aware individual but this was only strengthened by Tonya's questioning style that aided in developing a different perspective on what I had put forward.

Michelle, new business owner

Tonya made me feel safe to share my thoughts and challenged at times. I got good insights and had real awareness moments, facilitated by the way Tonya asked questions. I gained clarity on what I was feeling and the direction to move in.

Aitana, looking for direction in new career path

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • Qualified as a certified life coach under the International Coaching Federation ("ICF") coaching competencies and ethical standards.
    • Neuro-linguistic programming ("NLP") Master Practioner
    • Self-Love coaching
    • Money Mindset coaching
    • the Clique Method (via the Clique Academy, an ICF-certified academy) - exploring and overcoming limiting beliefs, chakra balancing, emotional freedom techniques ("EFT"), feminine energy and inspired action.

    Professional Background

    I spent over ten years in the fast pace and high pressure financial services consulting. I was always motivated to do good by others, so I specialised in the field of tackling financial crime, helping my clients and regulatory bodies to catch the “bad guys” in the corporate world.
    I worked at large and small professional services firms, in client-facing/serving and practice development roles, as well as in-house at multiple global banks.
    Whilst I met some wonderful people and gained great experience in executive training, coaching and mentoring, professional development frameworks and corporate culture effectiveness, I also suffered with work-related stress, anxiety and ultimately burnout.
    The unique blend of skills gained from my professional services background and my own personal journey from burnout to career fulfilment, is what I bring to my coaching.

    What drew you to coaching?

    In my view everyone deserves to feel fulfilled, to flourish and live a life that lights them up. This looks and feels different for each of us, and I believe we should all be encouraged to confidently design and then strive for our own version of success, rather than adhering to others’ views or societal norms. As accomplished and gifted women we are all capable of attaining our success and this does not need to be at the expense of our sense of self or our wellbeing.
    I was drawn to coaching to empower people to create the lives and careers they love, full of their unique version of success, without sacrifice. I wanted to make use of the valuable lessons I learnt through my personal journey to help people live fulfilling lives, bounce back from burnout or wherever possible prevent others from having to experience burn out entirely.
    I am lit up by collaborating with others and seeing them thrive in a way that leverages their individual superpowers. I coach in a way that encourages and empowers women to use their biggest strengths to build the life they deserve and are capable of, whilst being there with empathy and a safe space to work through challenges as this is not always an easy road.
    For me, it is a real privilege to assist women in harnessing their power and champion them along the way as they step into their greatness and up their life to the next level.

    Fee Structure

    Signature coaching programme “From Surviving to Thriving” (10 – 12 week programme).
    One hour “Power Hour” sessions available for Careering Into Motherhood members only.

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